It’s been one year since I’ve been sleeping with my boss. But he has a wife, two sons and three daughters. It hurts when he is with his perfect family. I love him so much but, I’m scared he doesn’t feel the same way. But maybe he doesn’t. He loves his wife very much. Today is their anniversary, it hurts so much, I feel like my heart is breaking into pieces. Here I am, sitting in my couch, staring at my phone hoping he would text back. It’s been five hours since I texted him. Giving up, I walked to the kitchen and made myself some dinner. To think we actually had a chance together. Today was the deciding day. He made his choice. He chose her. It’s always been her. After I ate I went to bed after I deleted is number and anything related to him.

The next day I went to work with a heavy heart. I pretended everything was normal. I avoided him as much as possible. However, I had to meet him.

When I saw him again in that familiar hotel room, I looked at him in the eyes. We never needed to need words to communicate. I walked over to him slowly then pushed him on to the bed and crawled on top of him. We kissed, tongue clashing together, swapping each other’s spit. Our hands roaming each other. Not sure where to go. We soon stripped each other. Just before he was going to enter me, he whispered something that made my heart break. I cried at that as he started to thrust into me. To me this wasn’t sex. To me, we were making love.

But I knew better. But I didn’t care. All I am going to do is savor this moment. And I did.

The next morning, I looked at the bed next to me. And I looked at the empty spot next to me. His last words echoing in my head.

This is the last time, I’m sorry. And I cried my heart out for the next few months. He chose her.

The end!













Jk! Back with the story!

After he left me, I became a shell of what was once me, I no longer smiled, laughed, I quit my job. I now own my own cafe, with my own pastries and drinks. There is also a library and bookstore in here, I have always wanted to have something like this. And I have it and I’m happy, slowly recovering and smiling. I love making pastries that’s why I’m always in the back. Just to be funny and mysterious, I made me being the owner a secret. It’s funny how they make those weird rumors.

“I’m going to go get Carter! You know what to do when they ask for me or the owner!” I told the other employees.

They responded with the usual yes, then I left to get my son of three months. It was those typical finding a baby on the doorstep. I couldn’t bring the baby to the orphanage so I took him in, and he is the light of my life. Carter Ramos Dean. I gave my baby’s middle name of the man I once loved, no still love. It’s been two years and I haven’t even gotten over him. I sometimes cry when I think about him. Or when something reminds me of him.

When I got home, I went straight to my baby. I paid my babysitter then went back to my cafe. When I got there, I thought I was imagining things. But I wasn’t. He was there, sitting in a booth with his kids. I just noticed my babysitter is also his son. I quickly went inside hopefully no one seen me. Just when I was about to go to the office, Gina, an employee, stopped me.

“Someone from booth 8 wanted to talk with the owner. I can take Carter while you go talk to them.” He said.

“Alright.” I gave Carter to her and walked to the table she was talking about.

Then I realized, it was his booth. It was where he was sitting. I’m scared, terrified. I might actually break down. But I still walk to him. When I reached his booth, they were to busy talking to notice me. With hope of escaping, it was to late, the babysitter, spotted me.

“Mister Dean! What are doing here?” He asked surprised.

“Well, I, I. How about you?” I asked changing the subject.

“We always come here. Every day. We’ve been regulars since a year and a half ago.”


“Yep. So, why you here?”

“I-I’m t-t-the o-owner. My employee s-s-said you w-w-w-wanted to s-speak with the o-owner of this p-place. So, h-here I-I am.” I said, stuttering.

“You’re the owner! No wonder you smell like the cafe.” He said surprised.

“Y-Yep.” I could feel his stare as I talk with his son.

“Sammy.” Just with his voice I still react to it.

Unshed tears pools at my eyes. I looked down, some falling. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. I just stood there, not knowing what to do. Then with all I could muster, I whispered, “I love you, Ramos.”

Before I could run, I was attacked by a hug with those strong familiar arms of the man I love. My eyes widen in shock, then I slowly closed them, burying my face in his chest, shaking in his embrace, clutching his shirt as my tears went down my cheeks continuously, as he held me tight, as if I be gone. Then all the sudden, I felt something tilt my head up and a pair of lips on my own.

I gasped in the kiss, not expecting this but I didn’t mind. I wrapped my arms around his neck. When we needed air, we separated, though I wished we didn’t. We looked into each other’s eyes, I felt happy, complete. I smiled, a real true happy smile.

Then I realized what I just done. He still chose her. My face fell, tears once again in my eyes. I tried to get out of his embrace. After a few tries I finally got out. Then I ran. I ran and ran till I saw my office. Just when I was about to reach it, I felt a hand grab my arm. The same tingles as before. The same warmth. The same hand. He pulled me once again in a hug before I could fall. He is hugging me as we are on the floor. He held onto me even closer than before. I held on to his arms, his head in the crook of my neck. His breath by my ear.

“I love you…so much…my Sammy.” He whispered in my ear.

“No you don’t,” I told him. “you never did, you chose her. You chose your wife. You let me go. You lost me two years ago.” I all but whispered to him. “Let me go, please let me go. Please. ” I begged him.

He turned me around but I refused to look at him. “Look at me.” He pleaded. “Please look at me. I need to see those beautiful light blue eyes.” But I still refused. “Please, my Sammy.”

I opened my eyes, and looked at him. When I did he told me, “I have always loved you, I’m sorry I let you go two years ago. And I will always regret that, I left you. I have divorced her, for one year and seven months now. When I found out you quit your job from me, I was devastated. I realized I love you so much. I looked for you everywhere. But I couldn’t find you. But I never gave up. I have and always love you. And I will prove it the rest of my life if I have to. So please give me another chance to prove it to you.

I didn’t care that there was an audience. I didn’t care that I looked like a mess. All I did, was say, “Yes.” And everything was perfect